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practice the hardest virtue   

The phoebe sits on her nest

Hour after hour, 

Day after day, 

Waiting for life to burst out 

From under her warmth. 
Can I weave a nest for silence, 

Weave it out of listening, 


Layer upon layer? 
But one must first become small, 

Nothing but a presence, 

Attentive as a nesting bird, 

Proffering no slightest wish,

No tendril of a wish 

Toward anything that might happen 

Or be given, 

Only the warm, faithful waiting, 

Contained in one’s smallness. 

Beyond the question, the silence. 

Before the answer, the silence.


Beyond the Question, 1 by May Sarton



Listen to Playing for Change sing Gimme Shelter

photo sources found at


A great read from one of my favorite writers. A holy Experience by Ann Voskamp



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