life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life


  the bright, glowing world opens my heart in beauty –

 there’s this summer song

of cool wind on my skin, 

playing sweet, soft percussion through the tall, lush marsh grass

gentle water laps at the sand

invisible birds singing in surround sound

visible ones splash and dive for breakfast

patient, yet very aware

my heart resonates with the language we have spoken

the songs we have sung

the rich vibrations of our connection

over the past months…

over the past two days…

today’s fresh sun warms my back

my shadow sits large

writing poems

this morning

this day

this moment

in silence birthing 

my gratitude

my pleasure

 my gift

my life

thank you 

for being you,

for reaching out,

for holding my hand 

and my heart 💞



Listen to John Legend sing All of Me 

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