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beautiful places 


 Gods in the cloud and fairies in the mist
The hills in Guilin look like. 
Deep as feelings and sweet as dreams

The Lijiang River ever runs. 

Song of Guilin Landscape by He Jingzin


Listen to Christina Perri sing A Thousand Years 

I am thinking about burning

About letting a passion for life-

Not my life or your life- but Life itself

Burn away my hesitation to taste this breath

Filled with the sweet greening of summer

This breath, laden with longing and confusion.
I am thinking about burning

About the flame of desire

That insists that how I move through this day

Be more about love-making

Than about the achievement of things

Too thin to nourish my soul.
I am thinking about burning.

I am lighting a match.

I am making of myself

Kindling for the fires

Of living awake to this moment

Of letting Love have its way with me.
~Oriah House (c) 2015 “The Burning” 

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