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 Strange to realize 
on our very worst day of life

someone else is having their very best day 

Every death 

is countered with birth, 

Every grieving tear 

with belly laughter

On the night we see the stars fall

the sun is rising on the other side of the world. 

The human spirit cannot be conquered

we rise again,

and again, each time we fall 

Tides come in

tides go out, over and over

With every broken heart

there is an answering new moment of love

For every first kiss 

a final slamming of the door – 

figuratively and/or literally

For every threshold we cross

we must cross another in a new moment

there are always new crossings

We each have moments of glory 

moments of defeat

Worry is always a paper tiger 

stripping our moments of joy

Illusions of control hide behind our eyes

always revealed to be a waste of our precious resources

our time here is too valuable to waste on such things

There is a time for every season

In all, we are to bring praise,

as sacrifice – as gift –

this simple act

the amazing hat-trick to the healing of our wounds 

when, in every single circumstance, 

we stand in the, 

sometimes difficult, 

sometimes brilliant,

beauty, kindness and truth of that very moment

and give thanks. 



  Listen to George Harrison sing Give Me Love

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