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What if this is as good as it gets?

What if THIS very day is the best life will be?

What if this is your last chance to sing?

What if this moment is what you are called to?

What if this moment is your purpose?

What can you do to find the joy in this moment?

How can you be happy and satisfied right now?

What are the miracles that are happening for you as you read this?

What joy-filled cloud is hanging in the air above your head,

ready to splash all over you?

What gifts are being offered, 

if you just receive them,

allow them to tumble all around you?

Maybe, just maybe, these questions hold the true secrets of life. 

Maybe, living life in joy-fullness right now –

not waiting for some distant glory dream to come true –

Not holding back till your illusion of happiness materializes.

But, right now, sitting in whatever circumstance you are in,

this very given moment,

you look around and begin

to let go – 

to find the avalanche of joy jewels 

you’re walking on NOW. 

Maybe this is the best, and only, secret… 


It is available now,

and every minute 

of this, 

and every, 





 It doesn’t make sense to those who can love deeply when others turn away. But not everyone is ready to keep the heart gate open to other humans. Not everyone can handle the vulnerabilities and risk. Some prefer substitute forms of love to the real thing. Perhaps they find it safer to channel their love toward a theoretical God that can never really hurt them, to a pet that will never trigger their memory of human disappointments, to a job that will gratify them economically without touching their hearts. There are so many substitute gratifications on this planet, most of them a covering over of our deep longing to connect with each other. If you are one who is truly ready to love, better to attach to those who can truly meet you there. There is the love-lit world of genuine vulnerability, and there is the love-avoidant world of seeming security. Different worlds altogether… 

– Jeff Brown (~an excerpt from the soon to be published ‘Spiritual Graffiti’)



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I wonder, walking in these woods,

along stone walls so purposefully laid,

what it was like to clear the land,

by hand and oxen, long ago,

and pry the stones out, lift

the smaller ones, and heft them up,

the bigger ones with tools and

chains and wheels, with all

their solid weight pushing down against

you, against your hands, your will,
stone after stone, 

to clear it out. 
How right and good it must have seemed

to see the walls set out, 

the fields enclosed.
How hard and fine, and no less work

to lift away my bitterness, my fear,

and clear an open, gentle space. 


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light




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