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holy ground

There is grace on ground like this…

we can say that every step we take

of every day we live

Wherever we are is sacred ground

every bush we see burning with holy

every rock singing glory 

every bird testament of abundance

every flower testament to extravagant love

every waterfall 

every rainbow

and moonbow

and drop of the summer rain

shimmers with promise

rocks standing firm in the faith

glittering in sunshine

every person you meet has the same value

the same source

we are all made of stars

held together with mud

breathing the breath of the creator

the matter of the universe

life and death our greatest gifts

the space between can be our heaven 

or the darkest shades of hell

we choose our path with every decision

free will is our constant companion

love, and connection, our greatest needs

choices are most important  

wake up and guard them well



Listen to Amos Lee sing Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight 

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One thought on “holy ground

  1. Steve on said:

    glad to see ur writing again.

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