life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

what will you choose?


 Just like everyone alive
Your days will be full of events – 

threads, as it were,

weaving your life into a tapestry 

There will be days of great joy and ones of overwhelming sorrow

Good days 

Bad days

Medium days

Average days

Snow days

Hazy days

day after day after day

until they end

and you move on

All your days you will have circumstances to accept and embrace

or reject and avoid

to stay or leave

to fly or fear

Some to let go 

some to overcome

some to enjoy

some to live through

Life is not about being fair

Life is about winning with the cards you hold

Winning doesn’t mean being rich, famous

or being born with a pedigree

Winning means living up to your own very unique, personal best 

Winning means experiencing and inhabiting 

love, peace and joy 

You’ll be as happy as you decide to be

You will be as healthy as is possible based on what you decide to do

and the genes you were born with

You’ll choose to accept or reject what is offered

You’ll do what you want to do

Go where you want to go

Keep holding on to what is most important to you 

– no matter if it makes you better –

or if it destroys you –

You’ll love who you love

Be who you are 

You will be worth as much as you decide you are

You will judge others based on your own insecurities,

and your unchallenged beliefs

You will have as much love as you allow inside you

You will have as much of God as you seek to find

You will inhabit your life – 

    or not

All this will have nothing to do with your circumstances 

It won’t matter how much money you have,

your gender,

or the color of your skin

It will all be about your choices


and only, 

about your choices


Listen to Misty Edwards sing Soul Cry 

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