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 Music is playing, 
music with an aim, produced,

music of collusion and desire,

insistent and sexual.

Hard not to move with the music.

Hard not to fall into the rhythm,

seduce and be seduced.

But don’t slip on the blood 

on the floor.
Other music plays,

silent, within.

Different feel, different band.

Music of a beating heart,

melody of tumbling water,

lullaby whispered for a lifetime,

song of hearts set free.

The Beloved cuts in.

“May I have this one?”
No one to impress, only to offend.

No one to dance for, only with.


Let joy move you,

even in the face of evil,

let love move you.

Before the guns, 

behind the prison bars,

on the gallows, dance.

Dance on your own grave.

When they threaten you, dance

the other dance that at last

will consume them as well.
Unseen, though you know within,

the Beloved takes you in steady arms.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light



 the story of your name is written in my book, your beginning, the moment where you felt you ended and I begin. That is your beginning, child. 

You begin where you end and I begin. 


And the story keeps writing, child. After beginning there is adventure. After beginning there is trust and falling and catching and believing and choosing and waiting. There is much waiting and beginning again. 


Your story running right off the page with Me.      – Loop Devotional from Gather Ministries 


Listen to Lee Ann Womack sing I Hppe You Dance

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