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 What, then, is love?
That I think you’re cute?
That I want to kiss you?
Fun, yes.   
Love, no. 
Feels good for a moment
Won’t last past bad perfume 

Love is the choice to go all in
To make the choice
to give all
To commit, to share it all

Regardless of circumstance

Yes, even in the ugly days
the sick days
the battle times
the misunderstandings
the times of hardness
the times of bitterness

Love gives all,
and may grieve when all is not given in return – 
but never demands it

Love is easy

Love may have to move to an away position 
to preserve it’s honesty
but that doesn’t stop love
from loving

Love does not die,
It lives forever,
even when we think it’s gone
when we feel alone,
Love is present 

Love is not found in physical beauty,
it is a light that glows
from deep within
allowing us to see
far beyond our capabilities
past all the camouflage, smoke screens,
sparkles and hedges 
we plaster ourselves with
and hide behind

Love is patient and kind
Love never fails
Love always does
and always will
find its way

Love is tough and strong
always seeking highest and best,
not necessarily easiest 

Love never changes,
yet changes us radically,
into who we truly are meant to be
melting away all the defensive
build up of life scars
until we become golden

Lots of words have been written about love 
(Though to be honest,         Most are really about passion)

Yes, Love is a many splendored thing
Love is all we need 
All we seek
All we can trust
Love is all in all
All we are here for 
Love is You
Love is Me

but the words that really teach us love say,
What needs to be done today?
Love is not about just ASKING that question
Love ANSWERS that question
love does what needs to be done
Entering into the question daily
moment by moment


Just like faith without works is dead,
Love without action is dead
Just so you know- 
When I tell you
     I love you
this is what I mean



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