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promise keeper

 to make a promise…

Make a place of prayer, no fuss,
just lean into the white brilliance 
and say what you needed to say
all along, nothing too much, words
as simple and as yours and as heard
as the bird song above your head
or the river running gently beside you,
let your words join to the world 
the way stone nestles on stone
the way the water simply leaves 
and goes to the sea,
the way your promise 
breathes and belongs 
with every other promise 
the world has ever made. 

Now, leave them to go on, 
let your words alone 
to carry their own life,
without you, let the promise 
go with the river. 
Have faith. Walk away.

TO MAKE A PROMISE by David Whyte


So easy to miss the moment.
Just this.
This inhale. . . . this exhale. . . .
This dawn of dark clouds streaked with light.
This smile, this ache, this laughter, these tears. . . 
As we slip into the water of this week unfolding before us.
             ~ Oriah


Listen to Gavin McGraw sing Follow Through


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