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 If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that joy is not a constant state, but a low grade buzz that sometimes roars and other times purrs, but that it is always available to sink down into, if I’m feeling the ache that makes for tears or the ache that makes for celebration. – Jen Lemen

Jen Lemen says my poetry-prompt word of the day – buzz
as she reads my blog and responds. 

I love Jen Lemen over at ‘Hopeful World’
I missed my word as I read it the first time, 
not mindful of today’s word, 
because I was still stuck in yesterday’s word ‘vine’. 
Then there it is, with a Lemen-y flair…
My heart leaps to attention 
I fly right there to find it 
Copy the sentence…
yes, ‘joy is a low grade buzz’
along with 
they all live under the same everyday rooftop
once you understand them 
allow them in 
they are your friends
constant companions
making life balanced
the foundation made of jewels
strong rock 
like granite 
storms come and go
the buzz stays 
and becomes the music we dance to
ACL 11/14/13

Listen to The Muppets sing Ode to Joy

a few months ago I was Jen Lemen’s apple cake angel 😇

 photo sources found at

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