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Can Broken Wings Fly?


Broken wings can fly?

Who will mend them/who will rend them?

Who will tend them/who will send them?


I have been on the road less traveled

And seen life and death unraveled

Torn and broken down;

And voices filled with gravel!


I have been in nothing more

And seen rapacious roar

And heard the unknown sound

Speaking loudly,

From the ground!


And through my eyes, through the hue

Ebbing ever from greed to blue

Sometimes blinded by the light

Rarely knowing what is right

I travel through the maze

And broken through the haze


But my heart has never broken!

It beats with never ending light

And I know not where it leads me,

But I know it leads to you!

In sky or in the sea,

Always spoken if not seen

Or seen if not spoken;


The vision never broken!


by Matthew Mele






listen to Paul McCartney sing Blackbird

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