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it’s not a gift until it’s accepted 

You used to be dead.  

You were trapped in life-stealing ways:
under the sway of this world 
you thought you could force your way,
write your own cosmic laws.
We all do it. 
We act like little self-contained body-pods,
slaves to our ego’s fearful desires,
children of fear and despair. All of us.

But God, rich with mercy,
loves us with this huge, heartbreaking love,
even when we drive our life into a fatal crash,
and makes us alive,
raising us up out of the grave 
arm in arm with Christ.

You’ve been saved, kid: pulled right out
of the wreckage of your life. 
God raises us up and sets us gently
right next to Christ, 
at the center of Life, in Christ’s heart.
Only afterwards will we begin to see
just how immensely deep God’s grace is,
in showing us such kindness in Christ Jesus.

You have been saved by God’s grace.
Just trust this.
This is not your own doing;
it’s totally a gift from God.
It’s not anything you can even influence.
Nobody can claim that. 
There’s no such thing as a self-made person:
we are what God made us,
which is God’s Beloved,
created for the purpose of goodness.
This is your destiny, your identity,
your whole life. 
Get used to it.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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