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stay open…stay soft…the hard world needs it

A significant decision.

Put off until a tomorrow
that might never appear.

And a knowing deep
in tired bones.

Of what he, she,
I must do.

Along with its pain,
consequence and
inexplicable relief.

Nic Askew

Now is the time to let your grief find expression. No false strength. Now is the time to sit quietly and speak to the person gone, and thank them for being with you these few moments, and encourage them to go on with whatever their work is, knowing that you will grow in compassion and wisdom from this experience. In my heart, I know that we will meet again and again, and recognize the many ways in which we have known each other. And when we meet we will know, in a flash, what now it is not given for us to know: Why this had to be the way it was.
Our rational minds can never understand what has happened, but our hearts – if we can keep them open to God – will find their own intuitive way.
– Ram Dass


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